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Winter resorts are not only those places which meet us cool, but on the opposite, they are hot and not located in the northern latitudes. Why? It so happens that in summer we look for the best winter resorts, when the sea, the beaches and other natural beauties are near and do not cease. But in winter, especially in those places where snow is the usual case, rest does not pick up to the notorious Alps and other mountainous areas, inhabitants of skiing. However, all things have their order, where the really winter resorts in winter are , and about where the best winter experience in the warmth of hot countries will be, to contrast with the weather in your own region. Only let us not set priorities between the popular driven, or, in other words, the best winter resorts, let everyone choose their resort where you can spend an unforgettable vacation in winter.

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Zermatt Ski Resort   The idyllic mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn has developed into one of the most important summer and winter resorts. Any means of transport is prohibited in Zermatt, except for horse-drawn carriages and sleds., Electric cars are also allowed to move on the ski ...

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