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A restaurant represents a catering business with a wide range of complicated prepared dishes, including custom and branded dishes, a wine and alcoholic drinks list, tobacco and confectionery products, and increased levels of service, combined with a stylish and original interior space design. The owner of the restaurant business is named restaurateur.

Often, bugger businesses, as the hotels, have their own restaurants, situated on their territory, where food is provided for the convenience of living there people and to increase the potential hotel revenue.


The restaurants appeared in the XIII century in Hangzhou, the cultural, political and economic center of China during the Song Dynasty. Hangzhou was ready for the development of restaurants having over 1 million people, hospitality, culture and paper money in circulation. Perhaps the restaurants represented the taverns and tea houses, which tried to cater the visitors.


The restaurants and taverns were known in the West since antiquity. These establishments were targeted to travelers and locals eat their rarely.The first restaurant whose primary purpose was the preparation and filing of dishes ordered by the visitor at his liking appeared only in the XVIII century. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest of today's restaurants is the Sobrino de Botin in Madrid, Spain. It opened in 1725. The first restaurant in the usual form, the visitors sit with separate dishes at separate tables, choosing food from a menu, was the Grand Taverne de Londres, founded in 1782 by the name of Mr. Beauvilliers.


There are a lot of restaurants now. All of them have special interior, menu and atmosphere. But just some of them are considered the best restaurants in the world. Namely these restaurants are worthy to be visited, not just once. The dinner namely in these restaurants remains in your memory for a long period of time and awake the wish of one more special chef meal. That’s why you want to visit continually these restaurants.

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