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About The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Being a driver it is not the easiest and a risk-free task in the world, not because the handling of a car would be too difficult or that it requires superior abilities. The safety of each driver and each passenger of a car depends, to a great extent, on the traffic partners and the road.

There are places in the world where to drive is a challenge. There are roads so dangerous that the slightest wrong move can kill you. Most of them are suspended at heights and are not bounded by sides, others are dug through the rocks or the ice.


Do you consider yourself an experienced driver? Well, you can say that only after you have tried yourself on the toughest, most amazing and most dangerous roads of the world. This journey can be the biggest fear of your life or just another adventure. Persons interested in increasing their level of adrenaline will enjoy the world's most risky roads.

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El Espinazo Del Diablo

El Espinazo Del Diablo, known as “The Devil's Backbone”, is a mountain cut in Durango, Mexico. Around five hours you would need to cross the way from Durango to Mazatlan Sinaloa, which for a long time was the only connection between these two cities. The press has a lot of articles concerning, “The Devil's Backbone”, but today the road is in a good condition. There is a lot of markings and road signs warning of the dan...

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