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About Top 10 Best Cities in the World to Live in

When we choose a direction to travel, it is often so difficult to decide between the romance of Paris, the old atmosphere of Prague, the style of Milan, the virginal purity of Zurich or the diversity of Barcelona. But sometimes you only want to go somewhere where it will be just really good!


We prepared you a short analysis about the best cities in the world for the quality of life taking into consideration the annual European ranking. We included the economy of the city, the climate, the housing and the real estate, the medical, the political and the social stability, the environment, the public services and the transport, schools and education, the consumer features, entertainment, sports and other socio-cultural components.


My question to you is in which cities would you like to live and why? For example, here you see yourself somewhere on the streets of Brooklyn or Oakland, or Calgary, Adelaide, Vienna or Toronto? Why "yes" and why "no." And, in general, why the city you live in now is the best? Let’s go, let’s visit, let’s discover the best cities of dreams.

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Vancouver is, for the fifth year, the head of the ranking of the best cities to live, according to an annual study published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).   About Vancouver   Vancouver,...


About Vienna Vienna is the capital of Austria and it is located in the eastern part of Europe. The population of Vienna, with the suburbs, is about 2.3 million. It is one of the most charming cities in Europe, situated on the banks of the Danube. Vienna is a renowned center for music, thanks to a long line of famous artists who lived and worked in this city: Moz...

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