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Our life is full of unexpectedness and varieties. William Cowper once mentioned that “ Variety Is the Very Spice of Life that Gives It All its Flavor”. Have you ever seen a rainbow? It’s a real variety of colors. So is with the places on the Earth. They are many, all beautiful, but different. But, have you ever asked yourself what is the best place on Earth to say “ I love you?” Are you a romantic person and you are looking for an ideal place to spend with your loved one? How often have you thought of a romantic escape with the person you love? Special romantic places are really many, even more than the colors of a rainbow. Whether they are much closer and more accessible as in Europe, or whether they are exotic places situated at hundreds or thousands kilometers away, love passes all borders. We invite you on a journey through the most romantic places around the world. We are sure that our selection will ensure wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime memories and leave you irresistible legends of love and romance. If you go to one of these places you will get an excellent opportunity to be closer to your loved one and the most blissful and romantic happiness is guaranteed to you. This journey will be different, special and unique and most important, it must be in harmony with your inner world and your mood. Sandy beaches or cities, mountains or forests, your choice should be a reflection of your desires and feelings. Consider the best romantic places for this matter.
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Cinque Terre

   If you want to spend real, unforgettable moments with your lover, then you have to choose a unique place full of romantism. There are plenty of such places on the Earth but just some of them will offer you what you expect: exciting memories, adventures, romantic dinners, tranquil parks and relaxing spaces, that will take you to the paradise. Archaic landscapes, old ladies who wear old clothes, friendly citizens, with a perfect sea view. Seeing all these you can feel a familiar sm...

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land

People can find the abundance of romantic places in the world….But the places where one can find attractive and unforgettable moments are not so many. You can be there as if you are in a fairy tale and stay with these reminiscences for a longer period of time. You can “take” them with you in your heart, the unforgettable moments that can make your life better can linger in your mind, they can improve your ...

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