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The summer has just begun and the most expected holiday of the year is about to start too. Don't you know yet where to head on to have an adventure for a life or simply an amazing time? Check out our suggestions for the best travel places not to miss this year!
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Byblos-one of the top travel places in 2011

 Description   There are several cities that claim to be the most ancient in the world. Byblos or also-called Jbail is definitely one of them. Byblos is one of the oldest Phoenician cities in Lebanon. In 1984 Byblos entered under the protection of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Byblos is located in the western part of the country on the Mediterranean coast, about 40 km north of t...


About Bulgaria     Until a few years ago, it was quite difficult to find a tour guide about Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe off the beaten track of tourists, even for the adventurous ones. Lately, the country draws an increasing number of tourists, attracted by the wealth of tourist places. A splendid mélange of snow-capped mountains, dense pine f...


About Norway     Norway, officially called the Kingdom of Norway, is located in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The capital city of Norway is Oslo. Norway covers an area of 385,639 km square, and the number of inhabitants reaches 4.5 million, according to the 2004 census. Other major cities besides Oslo are: ...

Costa Rica

About Costa Rica     Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America, internationally renowned for its tourism potential. Being an oasis of peace and ecotourism heaven, all those who have visited Costa Rica come back here agreeing that it is a true paradise. In a relatively small space you can have the vacation you have been dreaming of, whether it is one fil...


About Brazil    Throughout your journey in Brazil, there is one constant presence you will encounter everywhere: its fascinating people. Indians, Portuguese and Africans have brought their contribution to the creation of this nation for over five centuries already. Its wide extension takes your breath away: its surface is larger than that of the U.S. and almost two times larger than th...

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