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Malta is a beautiful country and consists of a group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has a really small land area, this making it one of the worlds smallest and most densely populated countries. Only the three largest islands of its island group are inhabited. It is one of the most spectacular countries in Europe, and even if it’s small, Malta has a lot of attractions and incredible areas that will for sure take your breath away. Malta is famous for its cultural attractions, history, native flora, unique churches and temples, landmarks and architecture, modern buildings and impressive gardens. Malta provides a variety of attractions to its visitors due to its diverse history and its natural Mediterranean beauty.
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Blue Lagoon

About Blue Lagoon   The Blue Lagoon is a picturesque bay with a white sandy base and rich marine life. It is one of the most famous and popular parts of Comino – a beautiful island that is situated between the islands of Gozo and Malta.  It is a popular spot for tourists from all over Europe. This place hosts, especially in sum...

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