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Iceland is loaded with great and amazing places that are worth to be visited while traveling in this country. It has a rich patrimony of picturesque landscapes where the guests can spend a truly fascinating vacation. The tourists have a large variety of touristic destinations from easy to get to and very hard to get to, which transform this country into a majestic paradise, full of unrepeatable places. If you plan a trip in Iceland we definitely suggest you to see its best places,  in order to  have an unforgettable trip full of adventures.

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Vidimyri Turf Church

   The Vidimyri Turf Church  is one of the most beautiful churches, which is a great testimony of the long era of architecture, typical for Iceland, at the period when all the buildings were made of stones and turf. The Church of Vidimyri is located in Skagafjordur, and was built in 1836, being used  nowadays for religious services. This amazing church is made of stones and turf, in 1936 be...

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