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Iceland is loaded with great and amazing places that are worth to be visited while traveling in this country. It has a rich patrimony of picturesque landscapes where the guests can spend a truly fascinating vacation. The tourists have a large variety of touristic destinations from easy to get to and very hard to get to, which transform this country into a majestic paradise, full of unrepeatable places. If you plan a trip in Iceland we definitely suggest you to see its best places,  in order to  have an unforgettable trip full of adventures.

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 About Thorsmork   Thorsmork is one of the greatest wonders of Iceland, it is a  picturesque and scenic spot in the country. Thorsmork represents a mountain ridge, that has the name dedicated to Norse God Thor. It rises between the  Tindjafjalljo...

Thingvellir National Park

The Thingvellir  National Park  is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Iceland, and it is related to the nation’s history. Thingvellir is a very immense geologic rift, formed between the Euroasian and the North  American tectonic plates, and it is just one of the few places on the world where   the Mid-Atlantic Ridge runs above the water. The geological rift  ...

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