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Norway is a great country full of beautiful landscapes. What makes it famous are the deep fjords with vertical walls, that are kept green by the warmth that offers the Gulf Stream. Norway is very rich in high mountains that have the largest glaciers in Europe. During the summer time, when the sun is shining with power, a pure freshness in the air transform these landscapes in some majestic places more clear and more colourful, full of life. Norway with its pitoresque places will fascinate you and will leave only nice memories. Check out its best places and you will never regret for choosing this destination for your vacation.
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Snow Hotel

   The Snow Hotel in Kirkenes is one of the most favorable seights in Norway during the winter time. It is a very adventurous site, located in the artic town of Kirkenes, on the top of the world, near the Russian border. This amazing hotel is rebuilt each winter, and becames a real majestic attraction starting with December 20. The structure is made of ice and snow, and provides the tourist with normal beds and mattresses for a healthy comfo...

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