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For a complete trip in United States you should definitely visit Georgia and its amazing touristic attractions. Georgia is very famous for its industrial development and includes several buildings and offices that delight the tourists’s eyes often. It is full of enterteinment places dedicated for spending a great time, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. So check out Georgia’s best attractions and you will be fascinated for real.
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Georgia Aquarium

   The first and the most attractive destination in Atlanta, Georgia is definitely the Aquarium which is the biggets aquarium in the world with more that 31,000 cubic meters of marine clear water that holds more than 100,000 animals including 500,000 various species. This is an amazing and extremely interesting aquarium that deserves to be visited. Through the most notable species that include the aquarium are four young whale shark and four beluga whales.  ...

Zoo Atlanta

   Zoo Atlanta is a private and nonprofite wildlife park that is the perfect place to spend a very great time. It is surrounded by outdoor spaces that fit everybody’s taste. Zoo Atlanta is the ideal home for the giant pandas Lun Lun and Yang Yang and also for their offsprings. There also live more than 50 species of birds, lions, African elephants, naked mole rats that live under the ground, some small otters. The pandas were brought from the Chengdu Zoo from China and no...

Stone Mountain Park

   Stone Mountain Park appeared as a shine pearl in the city of Atlanta. In 1958 the Governor of Georgia signed the document for creating the Stone Mountain as a state park . The state even wanted to extend it facilities to make the park a gorgeous place and a great attraction for the city of Atlanta. Through the foundation of the park the state wanted to complete the carving of Augustus Lukeman, and then wanted to build a highway that will run in front of the carving. In april...

Marietta Museum of History

   Marietta Museum of History is situated in the very heart of the downtown of Marietta and is evidence of the history of the surrounding area. It has the home into the Kennesaw House and relates the history of Cobb County and North Georgia. Themuseum features three amazing galleries:  Homelife Gallery, The Civil War Gallery and the General History Gallery. Each gallery fascinates for their spectacular elements that highlight perfectly the period that describe. &...

Centennial Olympic Park

   Centennial Olympic Park is located in Atlanta, Georgia and appeared as a gorgeous place dedicated to the Summer Olympic Games that were organized there in 1996. It was built just for the games, covering a 20 acres area, decorated with memorials and monuments to the games. After the games , in 1996 the park was closed to be reopened in 1998 with more improvements that made it ideal for multiple uses. There were founded stages for the concerts, a center for visitors that is lo...

High Museum of Art

   High Museum of Art is located in the midtown of Atlanta and is one of the most important museums in the Southeast states. The museum features a valuable collection of works that reflect the style from the Impressionists to Modernist. It includes a precious collection of about 11,000 objects relating the tyle of the American artists during the 19th and 20th century. Through museum’s list of works appear American decorative arts, belonging to 1825 and 1917 year, some uni...

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