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About The most spectacular monasteries in Romania

Romania is hosting the most rare and unique monasteries that impress for their architectural style. During the time the cultural heritage of Romania has preserved very well and still fascinates everybody’s eyes with amazing fresco and paintings creating a charming historical ambiance. The monasteries represent splendid buildings that keep the spirit of faith untouched and sacred.
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Neamt Monastery

   Neamt Monastery is a beautiful othodox complex for monks situated in the village with the same name, representing the oldest monachal place from Moldova. On documents it appears since 1407 but the monachal activity seems to belong to 12th century. The founder of the monastery is Petru I Musat, who had built the first church made from stone, that doesn’t exist today, but on this area existed a wooden church called White Church. The church that nowadays delight our eyes ...

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