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Luxembourg is considered one of the smallest countries in the European Union comunity. Despite its teritory, the country provides spectacular historical and monumental sites, which are recognized as national inheritance of Luxembourg. The impressive landscapes and the distinctive traditions, including the magnificent cuisine will surpise you with their special originality and particularity. If you are interested in having a nice and relaxing holiday, then the perfect destination is Luxembourg with its accurate cities and villages.
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Ettelbruck city

    Ettelbruck city is situated in the central part of Luxembourg and it has a commune  status in the Diekich district. The city is placed at the confluence of rivers Alzette and Sûre and it supports the city’s transportation system. The town is distinctive because of its multinational population, which live there. Ettebruck town is also known as the gate of Ardennes, because of its geographical position. The city is appreciated for the enormou...

Echternach city

    Echternach city is placed in the eastern area of Luxembourg and is subordinated to the Grevenmacher district. The city is known as one of the oldest regions in Luxembourg. It is the nearest city of Luxembourg to the border with the only land neighbor, Germany. The Sauer River, which flows through the city’s territory, marks the border between Luxembourg and Germany. Echternach town is appreciated for the wonderful landscapes and for its impressive nat...

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