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Romania is the ideal home for the most beautiful castles and medieval towns that keep their beauty during the time. If you plan a trip in Romania you should definitely see its best places which will fascinate you for their cultural style. Romania is a pot full of historical masterpieces that represents the most precious treasure of the country. Check out the best places in Romania and make your own decision about which one will be the first to visit.
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The Botanical Garden

   The Botanical Garden of Bucharest was created in 1860 by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, who founded his palace nearby garden, that was separated by the palace. But later the final place for this garden was chosen by the doctor Dimitrie Brandza and the arhitect Fuchs, who loved the beauty of the nature. It was completed in 1891 and there were founded the Greenhouse and the Botanical Institute that had a great importance as a educational center for University of Bucharest. The garden ha...

The Black Church

   The Black Church is the most imposant and attractive monument built by German people when they lived on Transylvanian land. It has a very interesting and mysterious history, it was built between 1385 and 1477 on a place where first was a church destroyed by Mongols in 1242. The building of the church was seriously damaged during the Turkish raids in 1421, later in 1689 it suffered because of the Habsburg invazions who torched it and the walls were blackened from the fires. T...

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