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Romania is the ideal home for the most beautiful castles and medieval towns that keep their beauty during the time. If you plan a trip in Romania you should definitely see its best places which will fascinate you for their cultural style. Romania is a pot full of historical masterpieces that represents the most precious treasure of the country. Check out the best places in Romania and make your own decision about which one will be the first to visit.
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Citadel Sighișoara

   Experience and enjoy the time in the most old and beautiful  place from Romania, at the Citadel Sighișoara, which dates since 12th century. It is  a unique masterpiece that still preserves  the medieval spirit. It was constructed by Saxon colonists, and was the place were Vlad Dracula was born. It stays like a clean window relating all the past and the glorious history of Transylvania. This magnific citadel was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. T...

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