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There are many major cities in Japan which are vulnerable to earthquakes. The cities with poor infrastructure suffer the largest difficulties and loss of life. Some areas register small shakings on a daily basis. There are regions which suffer small to medium size earthquakes on a regular basis. Most dangerous are regions where earthquakes could take human lives, ruin cities and destroy people’s houses.
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Earthquake on March 11, 2011

 An earthquake measuring 9.0 occurred in Japan, on east coast of Honshu Island, on March 11, followed by numerous aftershocks. The epicenter was located  in 373 km north-east of Tokyo, its center lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. The hypocenter was formed at a depth of 24 km in the Pacific Ocean. It caused a tsunami height of more than ten meters. This is the strongest earthquake in the history of Japan and the sixth in force in the history of seismic observations. ...

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