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There are many major cities in Japan which are vulnerable to earthquakes. The cities with poor infrastructure suffer the largest difficulties and loss of life. Some areas register small shakings on a daily basis. There are regions which suffer small to medium size earthquakes on a regular basis. Most dangerous are regions where earthquakes could take human lives, ruin cities and destroy people’s houses.
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Earthquake on March 11, 2011

 An earthquake measuring 9.0 occurred in Japan, on east coast of Honshu Island, on March 11, followed by numerous aftershocks. The epicenter was located  in 373 km north-east of Tokyo, its center lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. The hypocenter was formed at a depth of 24 km in the Pacific Ocean. It caused a tsunami height of more than ten meters. This is the strongest earthquake in the history of Japan and the sixth in force in the history of seismic observations. ...

The Menji Sanriku earthquake in June, 1896

 Japan is one of the most active seismic regions, where take place more than 20 % from the most terrible earthquakes in the world. The quakes with strong magnitude can promote tsunami, with high destroying waves.   In  June, 1896 took  place the Menji Sanriku quake with the power of 7.2, that led to an enormous tsunami. The consequnces were terrible and the main lost was about 22.000 victims, and injured people. The origin of the quake was set at the Japan...

Kobe earthquake on January 17, 1995

  Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of Japan's largest cities. The town is situated between the sea and the Rokko mountain. Kobe is also known as one of Japan's most attractive cities. In 1995, Kobe was affected by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which took over 5000 people and ruined hundred of homes and constructions. Today the city is completely reconstructed and no traces of the terrible event can be seen here. This earthquake occurred as a res...

Fukui earthquake in June 28, 1948

  The Fukui earthquake took place in 1948, in the Fukui prefecture in Japan. The earthquake struck on June 28, 1948 with a magnitude of 6.0 which is now about 7.1. The strongest shake was in the city of Fukui. The earthquake effects and results were enormous and had affected in a major way the people’s lives. The earthquake caused a depth of 10 kilometers to the north over 18 kilometers in about 10 seconds. Because of the low density of the soil in the area tr...

Sanriku earthquake in March 2, 1933

  In 1933, Japan was shacked by a strong earthquake, with a 8.5 Richter power. The Sanriku region was the most affected area in Japan. The earthquake from March 2, 1933, led to many damages and 3000 victims. The people remained with no homes, security and protection. The strong power of the earthquake caused a tsunami with almost 30 m height. After the quake’s shack, there continued almost 50 convulsions between 5 and 7 magni...

The Kanto Earthquake in September 1, 1923

  In September 1923 in Kanto area in Japan, ocurred a dramatic earthquake with the power of 7.9 and 8.3.  The Tokyo and Yokohama cities were also affected. In the next days, these cities suffered 1.500 more shakes. There were ruined almost all buildings and houses, which caused enourmous fires. The fires couldn’t been stopped becouse the infrastrucrure was totally damaged. This earthquake is considered one of the most destroying, becouse caused a...

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