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Bulgaria has a rich culture and a spectacular architecture, that is perfectly ensembled in the Bulgarian cities. The spectacular places like museums, historical monuments, romantic galleries of art will impress you with their wonderful modesty and colorful history. During the time, the main Bulagaria's cities became cultural attractions, industrial centers and of course touristic destinations.
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   Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and is the largest Bulgarian city. Located in the southern part of Sofia’s valley, on the foot of Lyulin and Vitosha mountains. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, here you can visit the spectacular historical monuments which the city hosts. In the city’s center is located the Alexander Nevsky Church, which is actually the largest building of this kind in the Balkans. It was buil...


  Plovdiv is a city in southern Bulgaria. The city is located on the Thracian Plain, along the coasts of the Maritsa River. Plovdiv is situated at a height of 160 meters above the sea level, about 150 km south of Sofia. The city is divided in two parts, The Old Plovdiv and The New Plovdiv. On the medieval streets, you could notice the grand buildings of the XIX century. The ancient buildings which are rebuilt in restaurants, cafes, bars ens...

Rousse (Ruse)

 Rousse is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria and the biggest city in the country on the bank of the Danube River and the Rusenski Lom river. It is situated 320 km from Sofia and 203 km from Varna. Due to its original architecture and the country’s largest port, the Ruse city is also known as the small Vienna. Rousse is an old Bulgarian town with selected culture, education,  arts and with developed industry and trade.    ...


 The city of Varna is situated on the banks of Varna’s Bay, 470 km east from Sofia. Varna is the biggest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and is called the sea capital of Bulgaria. Varna is one of the most apreciated resort centers in Bulgaria. There you will find a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, which are providing high standard services, great stuff and excelent beaches. Varna provides all kinds of accommodation and facilities. The c...


  Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The city is located 385 km from Sofia, 267 km from Plovdiv and 133 km from Varna. The Bourgas Bay is  famous for its beautiful golden sands, accurate sea, calm and clean sea. The Burgas region is surrounded by  The Atanasovsko, Bourgas and Madrenskoe lakes. The city ensembles an impressive history, rich cultural traditions and unique nature.      ...


  Nessebar is located on a stone peninsula in 37 km north of Burgas. It is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, also in Europe. Nessebar is divided in two areas: old and new areas. The New Nessebar Sunny Beach resort ensembles a large variety of hotels and restaurants of modern construction. While the Old Nessebar impress its guests with ancient constructions, historical monuments, wonderful landscape.     Nessebar...

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