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Bulgaria is located in south eastern Europe and is attractive with its cultural and historical monuments. The spectacular mountains and the always flowing rivers of Bulgaria are natural stages that provide a large variety of activities to the tourists. The breathtaking landscapes, overwhelming beaches as well as the famous Black Sea Coast expect you fot the best holiday ever. The tourist attractions in Bulgaria are numerous, providing spectacular landscapes, entertaining offers, sunny beaches and positive emotions.
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The Rila Monastery

 The Rila Monastery (Rilski Manastir) is located at 120 km south of Sofia and it is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Bulgaria. It is situated between the Alpine Mountains and the Rila National Park. It was founded by Ivan Rilski and used to be the primary spiritual and cultural center of Bulgaria and it also known as The St. John Rila Monastery. The central church’s walls are covered with impressive parts from the Bible, with religious elements.&nb...

The Ludenika Cave

  The Bulgarian Cave Ludenika is situated near the town of Vratsa, at Okolchitsa Mount. It is one of the most mysterious caves in Bulgaria at the altitude of 800 meters. It has its name for its high crystals that grow here during the winter. Ledenika cave was firstly found in 1961, and in 1962 was recognised as one of the most amazing landmarks in Bulgaria. When researchers first found these underground labyrinths, they were impressed by the huge blocks of ice and i...

The Vidin Fortress

The Vidin Fortress was a Bulgarian medieval castle "Baba Vida" from X -XIV centuries, which was the residence of Shishman, the founder of the last Bulgarian kings dynasty and his descendants, including Tsar IvanSratsimir. The foundation has been built in the X century, on the base of the ancient fortress of Bononia. The castle has two exterior walls surrounding a courtyard and two outside. The central construction is in the style of the second Bulgarian kingdom. On its ...

The Belogradchik Town

      The Belogradchik Town is located between the mountains Venetsa and Vedernik, in 182 km north-west from Sofia, 68 km to the north-west to Montana, 52 km south-west to Vidin. The enormous rocks form a natural fortress, which represented a place with a strong security potential that was used by the Romans and Bulgars in war time. The Belogradchik town hosts the spectacular rock fortress created by nature’s power, the historic...

The Rozhen Monastery

 The Rozhen Monastery is located in 5 km from the town-museum of Melnik, near the village of Rozhen, at the foot of Pirin mountains. The first mention of Rojen Monastery, dated from 890  yearand it demonstrates that it is almost 100 years older than the largest monastery in Bulgaria, Rila’s Monastery.   The Rozhen Monastery has its own patron saint and protector, the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary , whic...

The Saint George's Church

 One of the most spectacular sights in the capital city of Sofia is  Saint George's Church, which was dedicated to Saint George the Victorious. The church is also known as the Rotunda, due to its round form. It is built of red brick in place of Roman rotunda church and is the oldest church of Sofia. The church’s interior side reminds the earliest of X century, and the outside kept the remains of the ancient Serdica.   Its building is...

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