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Crimea is the unique place in Ukraine that can easily impress you with its wonderful landscapes, spectacular natural monuments and also with its amazing palaces, which are recognised as cultural inheritance. You should definitely know more about these unique places and the best way is by visiting them.
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The Yusupov Palace and Park Complex

 On the Southern coast of Crimea, near to the Mount Ai-Petri, in Koreiz town is situated  The Yusupov Palace and Park Complex.  The palace dates the XVIII century and the beginning of Russian colonization of Crimea. Yusupov Palace it became a former "Pink House", built in the style of a modernized Italian Renaissance by a talented architect N. Krasnov. The palace’s owner were Prince Felix Yusupov, Prince Sumarokov-Elston - was governor-general o...

The Livadia Palace

    The history of the Livadia Palace begins in 1834 when the Livadia was owened by the Polish magnate Leo Potocki. Yalta’s architect KI Eshlimana, built this palace, surrounded by a wonderful park. In 1860, the Palace became the property of the Empress, wife of Alexander II. The new owners put in order vineyards and begin reconstruction of the palace.  In 1891 it became a summer residence of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II.  ...

The Bakhchisaray Palace

 The Palace of the Crimean Khans, Bakhchisaray Palace is located in  Bakhchisaray town. It was built in 1532 as the main patrimonial residence of the Giray dynasty which ruled the Crimean Khanate within 1441-1783. Till 1783, the Bakhchisaray Palace was the heart of the political, spiritual and cultural life of the state of the Crimean Tatars.   The Bakhchisaray Palace is a monumental historical symbol for the Crim...

The Kichkine Palace

   The Kichkine Palace was built in the years 1908-1911, in Gaspra, near the cliffs of Aurora, on which two years later was built the Swallows Nest Palace.  From the language of the Crimean Tatars, „kichkine” is translated as „baby”, named becouse of its small size in Crimean Tatar architecture style.  The Palace’s architecture is spectacular, very different from other styles. The Palace’s construction was really dispute...

The Dulber Palace

  The Dulber Palace was built in 1895-1897, in Koreiz for Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich.  The Place’s project was designed by the Yalta’s  architect Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov. Some of the Palace’s elements and decors were selected by the Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich. This art experience he gained during the long journeys to Egypt, Syria and the Mediterranean countries and the Maghreb. The...

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