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If you plan a visit to Brazil you should definetly see its best places because they will leave an unforgettable impression on you. Brazil will amaze you through its unrepeatable places and with their natural beauty. It is the perfect country in the world where you can combine the entertainment with nature’s exploration, where people are very simple and very friendly. So take with you a lot of energy and go to admire the best places of Brazil.
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Leblon beach

   Leblon beach is situated very close to Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, they are separated just by a channel. Upper from the beach is the  neighborhood of Leblon which is divided into 2 parts: Upper Leblon and lower Leblon. The upper Leblon  has rich residents with wonderful houses, but the lower Leblon is full of activities for nightlife, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, where people can spend  their free time.     The beach...

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