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If you plan a vacation in Brazil you have to visit its great cities that give you a spectacular view over its beauty. You will have a real opportunity to see that this country is fascinating and unique. Its beautiful cities will impress you through their magnificent nature and style, this will be a unforgettable memory for your entire life.
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  Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is an exotic city in a very large country that attracts millions of visitors for its rainforests. Salvador was the capital of the country, now the capital of the state Bahia, and more then two centuries was the first  important port in Brazil. It lies between tropical hill and beautiful beaches along the bay Todos os Santos.   Salvador has a very rich folklore , and mentains its cultu...

Sao Paulo

  Sao Paulo is the biggest city in South America and the third one in the world. It is the economic capital of Brazil. Sao Paulo is  the economical center of Brazil in the same time is a very important cultural center too, with several museums and touristic attractions. This city gathers significant numbers of minority communities as: Japonese, Italian, Arab, Chinese, Nipons and more others, and each of them has their cuisine with traditional food.  &n...


   Santarem is the point where the river Amazon and Tapajos make their connection. Is situated in the north part of Brazil in the state Para. This connection of the rivers is also called “the wedding of the waters”and is a very important attraction for Santarem. This city is situated just between Belem and Manaus and is one of the most important towns of the river Amazon.   The city of Santarem appears very nice with a lot of ruins from colonial ...

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