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If you plan a vacation in Brazil you have to visit its great cities that give you a spectacular view over its beauty. You will have a real opportunity to see that this country is fascinating and unique. Its beautiful cities will impress you through their magnificent nature and style, this will be a unforgettable memory for your entire life.
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Rio de Janeiro

   Rio de Janeiro is situated in southeastern part of Brazil, and its name it also „River January” because was discovered in January 1502. This city is the second largest one in Brazil and a important cultural center. Rio de Janeiro has a exceptional beauty , surrounded by magnificent bays and beaches on one side and by mountain range on the other side. That makes the city to be the perfect place to see in Brazil. It has several of museums and historic monuments for...


   Recife is the fourth largest city in Brazil and is the capital of the state Pernambuco. Recife has the oldest settlements in Brazil  that date from 1535. It was build along white beaches lined by palm trees. It has been called the “Venice of Brazil” because has a lot of waterways connected by bridges and canals. Recife took the name from the reefs  that line its coast. Recife is a very important exporter of sugar, cotton and coffee.  &nbs...

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