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Thrill seekers, check this out! Our personal suggestions for an unforgettable adventure holiday, exploring and discovering the world's most interesting places!
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Get ready to experience extremes, because what you get her is the world's hottest days and coldest nights.    The desert occupies one third of Africa's surface and continues to expand. With an area of at least 9 million square miles, the Sahara lies between the Red Sea and the Atlantic coast of Morocco, between the Mediterranean and the Sahel. Desert is composed mainly of sand dunes but also of rocky canyons, stretches of gravel, volcanic craters, green islands and a few oases....

Socotra Island in Yemen

If you want to be part of the Avatar world, we give you a clear suggestion -Socotra Island. A realm of scientific beauty, it is awaiting to be appraised and admired.    It all started about six million years ago, when an area of 3625 sq. km separated from Africa (in fact, separated from the supercontinent Gondwana), during the continental drift. It was the time when there were created a unique microclimate and ecosystem, favoring the endemic species. The heaven of botanists and zoologists began to be populated by Arab tribes about three millennia ago, but the island was already known to the Greeks, who called it Dioscorides, and to the Romans,...

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