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Thrill seekers, check this out! Our personal suggestions for an unforgettable adventure holiday, exploring and discovering the world's most interesting places!
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Wild and unpredictable, Peru is a great destination for thrill seekers. The adventure opportunities are so diverse, that you will never get to be bored while on vacation here.    Peru is a large country located on the Pacific coast of South America, which includes coastal desert (at cost), rainforests (la Selva) and high mountains (Sierra), each with their own environment. They will offer exceptional opportunities to travel across various landscapes, with abundant wildlife, history and a rich archaeological heritage, as well as the culture of native people, all in a single nation. Fishing villages, beautiful beaches, agricultural lands and major cities ...


A seemingly endless wilderness area, Patagonia has it all: majestic Andes summits, dense rainforests, splendid glaciers and immense steppes. It is up to you to decide which to start exploring with.    It is part of Argentina and Chile and was named so by the Portuguese navigator Magellan, who called it Patagonia, after its inhabitants "those big shoes." Name was given for the primitive Indians Tehuelche shoes made from skins of guanaco, a species of llama, that native people used to wear here.      Patagonia stretches over 2000 km from north of the springs Colorado River to Cape Horn in the south. The western part belongs to Chile...

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