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Thrill seekers, check this out! Our personal suggestions for an unforgettable adventure holiday, exploring and discovering the world's most interesting places!
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Mount Everest

On the world's highest peak, you are invited to apply your greatest survival skills because nature has really prooved to be both generous and sublime here. You will have the time of your life skiing or climbing the mountain.   Everest is the highest peak on our planet, with an altitude of 8848 meters and it is part of the Himalayan Mountains. The peak seems to unite with the sky and it is located on the border between China and Nepal. Mountain's Tibetan name, Chomolungma has several equivalents: "Goddess-Mother of the World", "Goddess of Snow Mountains" or "mountain so high that no birds fly over it", the Nepali name Sagarmatha tip is. In 1852 it was measured for the first ...

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