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Thrill seekers, check this out! Our personal suggestions for an unforgettable adventure holiday, exploring and discovering the world's most interesting places!
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The grand Amazon... Amazing colours and sounds along with endless perils make it a stunning setting for the venturesome. The Amazon is a river in South America. Its average flow is of 209 000 m³ / s , being higher than all other rivers on the planet: the volume of water transported is equal to that of the six rivers that follow it in the hierarchy. With a length of approximately 6 500 km, it is among the longest rivers on Earth. The Amazon drains an area of 6 950 000 km ² or 40% of South America and the equivalent of one and half times the area of the European Union (the Congo river to the second area...


Are you tired of crowds and searching for an unusual holiday destination full of mistery and with plenty of opportunity to have fun? Have you ever dreamed of sharing a common land with emperor penguins? Here it is. The far away Antarctica.   Antarctica is the only continent where there doesn't live on the long term any member of the species on two legs. It is a very large area (14 million km2), larger even than Europe (~ 10 million km2). It is also a land of no one. Following the Antarctic Treaty, signed in 1959, the territory south of latitude 60 in the southern hemisphere is open to scientific research and any military activity is prohibited there.     Virtually, no c...

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