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Beer festivals are a great opportunity for people to join, share and have a great time together, united by...a pint of beer.
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Beerfest in Munchen, Germany

Munchen Beer is one of the best beer to taste.  The idea started from a simple Bavarian National Guard NCO. He suggested organizing a horse racing related festivities at the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Hildburghausen. Bavarian King Max I. Joseph von Bayern, showed more than happy with this suggestion. On 17 October 1810 horse race held on the princess bride called it Oktoberfest. As progress has been chosen instead of a meadow on the outskirts unused.    &nbs...

Belgian Beer Weekend

  In Belgium, the beer - a lot more than just a drink, it is an integral part of Belgian culture. Belgian brewing has ancient traditions that will satisfy anyone, even the most fastidious and discerning beer drinkers. By quantity produced and consumed beer, this country is among the first in Europe. In Brussels, there is the International Court of beer, and in Antwerp is the largest specialized market, where deals are made on the sale of malting barley and malt. The most popular bra...

Beer day in Reykjavik, Iceland

  In this small country are able to drink beer so that it becomes envious of the people "beer" states. The holiday is relatively young in this day celebrate the enactment of a robust beer, which operates in Iceland since 1989. March 1 pubs in Reykjavik are not closed, and guests can have fun until the morning. However, there is a small nuance: in Iceland, the price for a pint of beer - one of the highest in the world. So those who are not willing to spend a great...

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