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Best places to visit in Ukraine
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Sofiyivsky Park

  Sofiyivsky Park is in town Uman, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Sofiyivsky Park is considered a masterpiece of landscape gardening, there are some parks in the world that can compete with the harmony of nature and design websites. There are wonderful views of the park which include ancient waterfalls, fountains, lakes, caves, trees, bridges and narrow arch-shaped rock gardens. All this is very pleasing the senses.     Sofiyivsky Park...

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

  Saint Sophia Cathedral is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture and Ukrainian, is one of the most breathtaking buildings in Kiev. The fronts of the cathedral are decorated with ornamental niches, ornaments and paintings. Inside, visitors can see the splendid frescoes and mosaics, including the famous mosaic of the Virgin of Oran, who was in the cathedral since its foundation. Cathedral hosts the graves of several princes of Kiev, including Yaroslav I the Wise. ...

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