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Nikitsky Botanical Garden

  Nikitsky Botanical Garden, or the Nikita Botanical Garden, is located on the Black Sea coast, near the village of Nikita, 6 miles south of Yalta on the Crimean coast. It was founded in 1812 by a scientist 30 years old Steven Christian, a Russian botanist with Swedish ancestry, who was the first director.     Nikitsky Botanical Garden is considered the oldest botanical garden in the world. Nikitsky Botanical Garden area occupies almost 1,10...

National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos in Sevastopol

  National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos was created to preserve an ancient Greek settlement founded 2,500 years ago, located in Sevastopol on the Black Sea in the south-west of Crimea.     Chersonese was built in 422-21 BC by Greek colonists. The city has developed between the fourth and second centuries i.Hr, and due to geographical position was one of the main ports on the northern Black Sea coast. Between V and XI centuries AD became an impo...

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