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Lviv's Old Town

  Old Town is the historic center of Lviv, is included in UNESCO World Heritage since 1998, one of the reasons for which UNESCO has made this choice was that "Lviv is a stunning example of fusion between architectural and artistic traditions of Eastern Europe and those of Italy and Germany. "     Lviv was founded in the middle of the thirteenth century by Daniil Romanovich (Daniel of Galicia), who called the city was only founded after ...

Livadia Palace

  Livadia Palace is in Livadiya, Crimea, a few miles west of Yalta in southern Ukraine. In 1860, Alexander II gave the palace originally as a gift for his wife Maria Alexandrovna, after the death of Alexander II the palace was inherited by Nicholas II who requested that it be demolished and build another back in place. The new palace was built under the supervision of the architect Ippolito Antonovich Monighetti and later Nikolay Krasnov was appointed to prepare final plans of ...

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