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Philippine Tarsier

  Suborder Tarsioidea, whose species, very few in number, are called Maki-ghosts, consists of a single family, Tarsiidae, with only one genus, Tarsius. These quirks of nature and live in the Malaysian island region is the remains of a group of animals that lived in the early Tertiary. Currently, the tarsier is considered an intermediary between semimaimute mammals and monkeys.     This animal is surprising in appearance: the eyes are round and cl...

Proboscis Monkey

  The proboscis monkey - Nasalis larvatus - is a singular animal, because of male appearance (whose nose, very developed, gives a strange look), but also because of her remarkable performance of swimmers. It lives only in Borneo and the island can be found everywhere, but only in areas of mangrove forests and wetlands near the shores, never to distances over 300 km of coasts. In the jungle live by botanists assessments, more than 11,000 plant species, one third of them are ende...

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