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   Mexico is a country in North America, south of the United States. With nearly 107 million people, including twenty million in the urban area of its capital, Mexico City, Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country. It is also the third in size and the second in population in Latin America. It is the thirteenth largest economy in the world.    Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country with many things to offer visitors, whether they go to...


   While you relax in the "hammam (steam bath), enjoy "tagineā€ (stew) or put on the comfortable "caftan"'- Moroccan customs so intensely copied, but which do not reach the originals - you will be surprised how easily you fit in the centuries-old Moroccan culture. In these small moments of pleasure Morocco will steal your sense of time and place like a mirage in the desert.    Watching the horizon you will notice refined minarets and "Ksour" (forts) ...


   Malaysia is one of the stars of South-East Asia tourism, a nation that looks to the future preserving its past at the same time. Centuries of trade have led to a mixture of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribal culture, a place that stirs the curiosity of visitors. Endless white beaches of tropical islands and coral sea are awaiting to be explored. Playful orangutans, the oldest rainforests in the world, skyscrapers from the cities, majestic temples and mosques will ...

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