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Holland's Keukenhof Gardens

  Known as the largest and most impressive garden variety tulips in the garden is located near Amsterdam, in the town of Lisse. Because it is open only two months, during spring, you must get there at that time of year to admire its splendor. Of course you will find very many flowers, but many visitors, so empower yourself with patience. The landscape is complemented by several small rivers, waterways, several simple bridges, fountains and ornamental ponds. It is one of the mos...

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  The second wonder of the ancient world had almost two hundred years younger than the Pyramid of Cheops. Hanging Gardens of Babylon were composed of seven terraces of stone slabs and beams placed on the ceiling of a basement. Since the terraces were at 5 m above the other to create an impression of huge stairs.     Entering the garden give the impression that you climb a hill, while parts of the structure seemed to go into each other. There were...

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