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Gardens at Het Loo Palace

  Great Garden Het Loo Palace is a garden built in Baroque style with rich décor, created by William III of Orange and Mary II Stuart. Foreign visitors have called this garden "Versailles of Holland" because of its appearance axial fountains, flowers and statues.     This garden was designed by Andre Le Notre's nephew, Claude Desgotz. Great Garden has a central axis and alleys dotted with orange, they are as a badge of ...

Gardens of Versailles

  When you arrive in Paris should not miss visiting one of the most complex ever built gardens. Interesting paths through the majestic layout, the buildings they contain, statues and fountains, is a garden for all seasons with wonderful plants and trees.     Located in the west of the palace of Versailles, the gardens occupy an area of 800 hectares, was built by Andre Le Notre. Besides carefully tended lawns, flower beds and sculptures, another f...

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