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Bahai Gardens in Haifa

  A truly spectacular garden considering climatic conditions offered by Israel. Beauty, grandeur, and especially religion are special design inspired by the garden in Haifa Bahai Temple one of the most visited gardens in the world.     Panorama Mount Caramel offered by the city and harbor is wonderful. The temple and its gardens were built on this particular mountain, being suspended and imposing. Gardens are being revealed in all their splendor ...

Boboli Gardens

  Boboli Gardens form a famous park in Florence, Italy, is home to a rich collection of sculptures dating from the sixteenth century. The garden was built behind the Pitti Palace, the residence of the Medici, Cosimo de Medici's order for his wife Eleonora di Toledo. Boboli Gardens was begun by Niccolo Triboli and his death in 1550, building yard was taken over by Bartolomeo Amman....

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