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Peleş Castle, Romania

   Peles Castle is a castle in Sinaia, Romania, built between 1873 and 1914. It is considered one of the most beautiful in Romania and Europe. Peles Castle in Sinaia, the summer residence of the kings of Romania, was built at the wish of King Carol I of Romania (1866 - 1914), by Johannes Schultz and architect Karel Liman, and was decorated by famous decorators JD Heymann Hamburg, August Bembi in Mainz and Berhard Ludwig in Vienna.    Peles Castle may be cons...

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

  Prague Castle is the castle where the Czech kings, emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, serve or have served. The crown jewels of Bohemia are kept. Perhaps the biggest castle in its area, and extends into effect on 570 meters long and 130 large.   Located on the hill overlooking the Hradcany Prague Old Town and Malá Strana, this monumental complex is emerging from a crown of gardens and roofs and dep...

Palacio da Pena, Portugal

Perched atop one of the hills of the Serra da Sintra, Palacio da Pena dominates the valley of his incredible versatility and its flamboyant colors.  In 1839, Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, regent of the kingdom, says the completion of his summer palace in the Prussian Baron von Eschwege Ludwig, on the ruins of the monastery of Our Lady Hieronymite de la Pena. The prince died the year of the completion of his palace in 1885. Ludwig von Eschwege amused to mix styles: Moor...

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