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Top castles to visit in Europe
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Leeds Castle in UK

  Located in Kent in England, this castle now serves as accommodation for those who wish and are able to spend a night here as well. The British call this castle as "the most beautiful in the world" and with good reason. Built in 857, the castle was home to several representatives of royal families including Edwuard I, Henry V and Henry VIII. Inside, visitors can admire centuries old paintings, tapestries and furniture art. Outside, the gardens which are covered ...

Lincoln Castle in UK

  Located in Lincoln County, England, is where the Magna Carta eyes exposed. Built in 1068, Lincoln Castle has great historical significance, not only for English.     The castle was built in 1068 and is a building with great historical significance. It was the shelter of William (Wilhelm) the Conqueror and it is one of two castles in England which were built around two deep trenches with water, and the hills are covered by defensive walls that i...

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