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Ludlow in England

  Ludlow is a town in Shropshire, West Midlands, England. It is located in South Shropshire district whose residence is. This city was once the city with the best restaurants around England, with only 10,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately, Ludlow declined in recent years and the only restaurant that is worth visiting is Mr. Underhill `s....


  It is the capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of three EU capitals. Located at the confluence of the rivers Alzette and Petrus, is a leading banking and administrative center. It is a country with less than 500,000 inhabitants but with a lot of restaurants. Culinary influences are French, Belgian and Germanic. They are best seen in preparations of carp, pike and crayfish but also pastries.  ...

Las Vegas, Nevada in USA

  Few cities evoke images of excess such as Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the arid Mojave Desert, the southern tip of Nevada, Las Vegas is an oasis of life, energy and money - a city where the only purpose in life is fun.     Over 35 million people visit Las Vegas every year is finally cazandu 150,000 hotel rooms in town. According to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the city registered the fastest growth in North America, with approximat...

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