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The BubbleGum Alley

   Bubblegum Alley is a street about 21 meters from San Luis Obispo, dusted with chewing gum. Alley in the '70s and was named and is currently one of the most famous attractions of the city San Luis Obispo, California. Although many city residents complained that the place would be too unhealthy and disgusting, of course, when it was proposed in 1996 to clean chewing gum instead, authorities have not agreed. Some politicians argue that these walls should be cleaned and re-paint...

Torture Museum in Rome, Italy

   Torture Museum in Rome is located in an old prison and was reopened to the public in 1994. Objects are displayed chronologically, from medieval devices to the "modern" ones. The museum is among the few in the world presenting a history of torture and crime.    Among the museum's best pieces is the "bull of fire". This instrument of torture was conceived in the sixth century before Christ for the Sicilian tyrant Falaride. That is why this tool is al...

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