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Wat Arun

  This temple is regarded as the most famous and photographed temple in Bangkok. Has a 79 meter high tower decorated with small pieces of colored glass and Chinese porcelain. Wat Arun is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bangkok and was built in honor of the Indian god of the sunset, Aruna. Central tower, very tall, is called Phra Prang and glitters in the sunlight because of its carvings. The temple has four towers representing an embodiment of the 33 heavens on eart...

The Grand Palace and The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

  The best known tourist attraction is the Grand Palace in Bangkok, who is also the official residence of King of Thailand. The famous Royal Palace complex in Bangkok was built in 1782 and includes several impressive buildings including Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of Emerald Buddha). This temple houses a statue of Emerald Buddha, which dates from the XIV century. Many say that this house is far more impressive than the Grand Palace itself. The complex palate is very high, so you should bo...

Wat Pho

  Located adjacent to the Grand Royal Palace, Wat Pho is the oldest, largest and most famous temple in Bangkok. The temple area there are over 1,000 statues of Buddha and the temple hosts one of the most spectacular religious sculptures from Thailand, Sleeping Buddha statue - a statue of 48 meters in length and 15 m in height, gold plated. In the 19th century, King Rama III turned Wat Pho temple into a center of education and today visitors can get a massage and learn about the art ...

Royal Barges National Museum

  The museum displays several decorative royal boat, the oldest dating from 1357. Most boats have served as vessels fight until a certain time, then used on festive occasions phot royal or state Chao Phraya River. Because of their seniority, boats are rarely used nowadays, but their complex models, reflecting Thai religious ideas and local history, are of major importance in the country's heritage. Last time the boats were used in 1999 during the celebration of the 72nd anniversary ...

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

 The Floating Market is an escape from Bangkok western style of shopping in malls and is a look at past centuries sketching lifestyle of the locals whose homes are high up on the channel....

Jim Thompson’s House

   American entrepreneur Jim Thompson has the merit of being made Thai silk known worldwide. His fame grew considerably in 1967 when Thompson disappeared in the Cameron highlands of Malaysia under mysterious circumstances. Has not heard anything from him since. The house itself is a relevant example of Thai residential architecture and interior is a collection of Oriental art and antiquities and an exhibition of Jim Thompson's personal belongings....

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