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The most beautiful mountains in the world
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Mount Matterhorn, Alpine Mountains

  Matterhorn is the iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps although it is not the tallest peak in the region. Matterhorn Mount is 4478 meters high and it the major tourist destination in the Apennine Alps. The mountain was conquered by climbers for the first time in July 14th 1865. This mountain is one of the largest and highest places for skiing and hiking in Europe. Annually, millions of skiers and tourists come here to conquer the place.    It is not the highest p...

Mount Shivling, Himalaya Mountains in India

  Shivling mountain is located in the Northern part of India and it is part of the Himalaya Mountains Range. It is 6549 m high or 21.329 feet. The name of the mountain comes from the God Shiva in Hindu religion, literally meaning ‘the phallus of Shiva’.      This mountain has steep sides and it is considered one of the most stunning peaks of the Garhwal region. On 1974 this mountain was conquered by Laxman Singh and his team....

Mount Alpamayo, Peru

  Mount Alpamayo is acknowledged by many as the most beautiful peak in the world. It is also one of the most coveted peaks. Mount Alpamayo is 5947 meters high above sea level. It is not one of the highest mountain in South America, however it is one of the most famous. The south-western part has a trapezoidal shape while on the north part tourists will enjoy  amazing scenery.   ...

Mount Pumori

  Extending right on the border between Nepal and Tibet, Mount Pumori takes your breath away with its beautiful landscape. Literally meaning “Unmarried daughter”, Pumori is also called “Everest’s daughter”, due to the close proximity to Mount Everest. Furthermore, the views of Mount Everest are astonishing from here.  Despite the great avalanche danger, Pumori remains to be a popular climbing route. ...

Machapuchare, Himalaya Mountains in Nepal

  Machapuchare is part of the Himalaya Mountains Range, Annaapura Massiv. It is 7000 meters high. Machapuchare means black fish and it considered a sacred place by the locals therefore has been declared off limits to climbing. The peak is about 1,500 feet taller than the Shivling Mount. However, Machapuchare has never been climbed to its summit. ...

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