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Toronto in Canada

  Toronto is located on the north bank of the river Ontario.  The tallest CNTower in the world is located here in this magnificent city. Its reflection in the lake is unmistakable and simply amazing. Around the tower there is a collection of skyscrapers, which leave space for residential areas, parks and green spaces.   The  ...

Montreal in Canada

   The Montreal Protocol, which regulates carbon dioxide emissions that affect the ozone layer and to Bixi project, implemented in May 2009, which are available for bicycles for rent, Montreal boasts numerous successful environmental initiatives. In Montreal, visitors can enjoy the local surf club or the day organized by botanical gardens, where butterflies are released. Location for hotel accommodation is eco-chic Quartier Dix 30....

Pacific Rim National Park

   It is located along the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, with magnificent islands, beaches and marine landscapes that make many parts of the park. From geographically, consists of three parts: Long Beach, Broken Group islands and West Coast Trail 75 km long, one of the best known and most demanding routes of travel in Canada. Long Beach, spreading over miles, is interrupted from place to place forested ridge. The coast can be seen orca whales and blue whales. &...


   Quebec City was conceived and built as a fortress, the only city in the north of Mexico. The rivalry between the English and French in North America led to a war that lasted for seven years and led to the British occupation forces in Quebec by the year 1759 and that designation of territory as British colony. The British made a treaty of capitulation and compromise  promising to protect the French language and cu...

Baffin Island

    Baffin Island belongs to the administrative region of Qikiqtaaluk  of Nunavut in Canada. With an area of 507,451 km2 is the largest island in Canada and the 5th largest in the world. In 2006, the island registered a population of approx. 11 000 persons, which places it first among the islands of Nunavut and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in general.       The island is named after English explorer William Baffin...

Bay of Fundy

  Bay of Fundy tides are considered a natural wonder with the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and Niagara Falls. Although it's difficult to reach Mount Everest, many of us have seen Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, few have seen, some of them have never heard of the famous Bay of Fundy tides. Located on the east coast of North America between the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the U.S. state of Maine, Bay of Fundy is the Atlantic Ocean and is 280 km long.&n...

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