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Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

   Tokyo is the capital and also largest city of Japan. Is a megalapalopolis. Tokyo, "eastern capital" and capital "rising sun country, in 1869, turned into a brilliant city.    Tokyo Meiji Shrine Temple was built in memory of emperor Meiji who led Japan between 1867-1912. Meiji Shrine is the most visited shrine in Japan, being visited by several million people annually. The complex is built in a traditional Japanese style in the centre of Tokyo...

Matsumoto Castle, Japan

  Matsumoto Castle is one of the historic castles of Japan. Located in the city of Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture, near the city of Tokyo, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Japan. The castle has its origins in the Warring States Period. At that time, the Ogasawara clan had built a fort on the site, whose name was originally Fukashi castle. Later, he was instrumental in Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu.    The main tower of the castle is classified...

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