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Jeita Grotto

 There are few caves in the world that can rival the opulence or extended with Jeita caves. In these caves frequented by humans since the Paleolithic period through which flows the underground river that feeds the main source of Nahr el - Kalb, the combined action of water and time has wrought in the bowels of the wooded foothills of Mount Lebanon sculptures and draperies worthy of the most beautiful cathedrals. Jeita caves are located 20 kilometers north of Beirut, in the verdant valley...

Jeju Island

 Jeju Island is located 85 km from the Korean peninsula, and is the only subtropical region of the country. The volcano Hallasan, the highest of South Korea, rises to 1 950 meters. The eruption of the volcano Hallasan, now extinct, is the origin of the formation of the island....

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