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The Amazon is a river in South America. Its average flow is of 209 000 m³ / s , being higher than all other rivers on the planet: the volume of water transported is equal to that of the six rivers that follow it in the hierarchy. With a length of approximately 6 500 km, it is among the longest rivers on Earth. The Amazon drains an area of 6 950 000 km ² or 40% of South America and the equivalent of one and half times the area of the European Union (the Congo river to the second area...

Angel Falls in Venezuela

Salto Angel or Salto del Angel (Angel Falls) is located in southeastern Venezuela, by those of his 978 meters, the tallest waterfall in the world (with a step of 805 m). The locals called it Kerekupai-Meru Bounce deepest meaning. Region located in Gran Sabana, Angel Falls is the most isolated in Venezuela and maybe the world. Completely inaccessible by road, Angel will give a choice: either risk a few days climbing, rafting, climbing and based on either hire a pilot to take you to the right p...

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