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   Iran is as old as history and culture inherited a state that one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Over the years, Iranian culture has influenced different parts of the world, the Nile River to the heart of Europe. For many years, people around the world have traveled to the historic Silk Road route, wondering is the glory of the Persian Empire civilization. Visiting this country is a unique experience - Iran enjoy three centuries of documented history and heritage consi...


  According to the attraction exerted on tourists, Ireland is a destination at its best, which is often characterized by cliches such as the greenest country, full of the most friendly people, who would all be geniuses if they had not attracted by the many pubs. Ireland is indeed a green country - a benefit of heavy rains, and residents are known for kindness. The country also boasts four Nobel Prize winners for literature. It is already known Irish custom to compose verses, which m...


   India is a country in southern Asia that occupies most of the Indian subcontinent. The name of the country "India" derives from the Old Persian version of the word "Sindhu", the name of the river Indus in Sanskrit. The official texts also use the word "Bharat" (Hindi word derived from the Sanskrit name of an ancient Hindu king, whose history can be found in the Ramayana). A third name, Hindustan, is used since the time of the Mughal Empire and is t...

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