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Tarifa in Spain

  Tarifa is a town located in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, southern Spain, 14 km from Morocco. This small city was turned into a seaside resort popular with Europeans and those who love water sports.      Protected by Spanish law, Tariffs continue to be a city that has preserved the charm of Andalusia, being affected in a small degree of mass tourism. Moorish military hero named after Tarik, Tarifa has preserved much of the Arab ch...

Tetouan in Morocco

   Capital of Northern Morocco, Tetouan city is centrally located in the Mediterranean, near Tangier and the Rif Mountains. Its origins date from the III century BC. Like Rabat, Fes, and Sale, Tetouan is a city "hedrya", which means the center of culture and refinement.      The city contains several monuments: a fort, mosques, fountains and, last but not least, Khalifa old palace which was used as residence by the royal famil...

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