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  Alfama is Lisbon's most emblematic quarter, one that gives most tourists who like joy riding down and photographers because of the multitude of medieval streets and magnificent views. 

  Because it is built mostly of stone, managed to survive the 1755 earthquake and a walk through this neighborhood old-fashioned buildings equates to a return in time. Alfama is a kind of village in a big city, distinguishing himself through the narrow streets, small squares, churches and houses stained with wrought iron balconies decorated with flower pots, and dry clothes to put birds in cages. 
  It has been inhabited since ancient times, first by the Romans, then by the Visigoths, an important district in the century Hebrew. XV. But the Moors were the ones who gave him a distinct atmosphere and even the name (in Arabic means source Alfama, presumably referring to natural hot springs that were discovered in the area). All Moors were the ones who created the street, conceiving it as a defensive system and inventing a cooling summer houses. 
  Many people in this neighborhood have lived here my whole life and have a strong sense of community, although many of the old houses are rented progressive rich people who invest in such exotic properties, building and holiday homes. Other renovated buildings of the castle of St. George, which can be visited in the area were converted into the city's finest hotels. 
  Alfama has influenced poets and novelists, although Bairo Alto neighborhood known as traditional fado (Portuguese specific song). Quarter is indescribable beauty, which must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The best way to do is let you conquer the small streets at random, enjoying the feeling that you've lost a bit in the huge city. Admire the landscape worthy of cameras everywhere and climb up the castle to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

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Alfama - Alfama aerial view
Alfama - Alfama aerial view

Alfama - Alfama view
Alfama - Alfama view

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