Trenton is located on the eastern coast of the United States and is the capital of the State of New Jersey . The city is an important transportation hub, which has a river port. There are well-developed industries such as instrument making, the production of automobile and railway equipment, textile, silicate, ceramic, electronic and electrical industry.

In a suburb of Trenton, in Princeton, there is the famous Princeton University . The settlement, established by the Quakers, appeared in one thousand six hundred and seventy-ninth year. The city was built on the same site, owned by the Philadelphia merchant William Trent (after whom the city was named), in the seventeen hundred nineteenth year.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, Trenton becomes the arena for a bloody battle where the American troops under the command of George Washington opposed the Hessians - German mercenaries British. The history of this event went down as the "Battle of Trenton." During these events the Americans managed to get into the city suddenly and capture nine hundred Germans, the chief of them at the time was mortally wounded. Thanks to the victory in this battle, the American troops were able to capture a large quantity of ammunition and equipment. The forty-five-meter monument, which is dedicated to the "battle for Trenton" is one of the major local attractions.

Besides it what attract tourists to Trenton are the State Capitol, the old barracks, where the British troops lived during the Seven Years' War, the house of Douglas, where Washington was collecting military council, the Old Masonic Lodge, and of course, the oldest house in the city, owned by William Trent. Each American city has lots of sights to impress people with. You are always welcome to visit Trenton and for sure you will not regret. Memories are unforgettable.